Large Buildings

For all your big shelter needs!

Steel Construction

Our large shelters come in a wide array of shapes and sizes and have a variety of applications including carports, garages, barns, RV Covers, mini-storage, warehouses, and more. New combo designs allow for one building with multiple uses such as barn/garage combos, or carport /shed combos.

Shelters Unlimited's large shelters are provided by Eagle Carport. Eagle is based in North Carolina and, like us, are committed to providing a great product and great customer service. They manufacture most of their building materials in-house to maintain high quality standards and better control production times.

The metal panels used as roofing and siding on these buildings are made from 29 gauge steel and are available in 14 colors. These structures are also framed and braced with steel for added strength. All installs include base rails and anchoring whether the building is installed on concrete asphalt, gravel, or soil. Ask Shelters Unlimited about providing an electrical connection to your Eagle Shelter provided by a licensed electrician.

Large Shelters are by custom order and are put together on-site. Contact us for assistance with ordering.
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